imageISVs, one by one, across the country are realizing the benefits of Windows Azure and are sharing their stories. Last week, I shared the story of Connect2Fans and how they are successfully using Windows Azure to support their product. In the weeks to come, I will be sharing more of those stories.

These stories clearly demonstrate realized benefits; however, a new study by Forrester Consulting is now available looks at them in depth. 

The study interviewed six ISVs that had developed applications on the Windows Azure platform (Windows Azure, SQL Azure, AppFabric). These ISVs were able to gain access to new customers and revenue opportunities and were able to capitalize on these opportunities using much of their existing code, skills, and prior investments.

The study found that the ISVs were able to:

  • Port 80% of existing .NET code onto Windows Azure by simply recompiling the code.
  • Transfer existing coding skills to develop applications targeting the Windows Azure platform.
  • Leverage the Windows Azure flexible resource consumption model.
  • Use the service-level agreement (SLA) from Microsoft to guarantee high availability and performance.
  • Extend reach into global markets and geographically distant customers.

I highly recommend reading through the full study if you are considering Cloud options and are looking to understand the details behind these findings.

Read the full study >>

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