Every once in a while, I'm reminded what a great company Microsoft is ... and what great people I work with.  This is one of those times.
I'm in Austin right now and we're going live with www.katrinasafe.com right now.  This is a web site that will help victims of Hurricane Katrina find their loved ones ... and will also allow victims to send messages to family members. 
Everyone here is spending their holiday weekend, working until the wee hours of the morning, to build this site and make it available.  It went from an initial vision on Wednesday at 11 PM to an initial live version now.  And we're not done yet. 
I can't say that I've been here for the whole trip ... I just got to Austin at 5 PM today and I've been working since then.  Not only are we doing the web site, but we're also working on a Smart Client application that aid workers will be able to use to enter the information about survivors. 
It's been a lot of work.  It's also been a lot of fun ... especially working with this great bunch of guys up here.  And ... it is, without a doubt, the most important project that I've ever been involved in. 
All this work ... all this time ... all the software ... is being donated by Microsoft and some of our partners to help the relief effort.  We've got support from the very highest levels of the company to do whatever we need to do to make this happen.  It's a small thing, perhaps ... but if we can help provide some comfort, help someone locate a lost loved one ... then it's all worth it. 
Want to know what you can do?  Donate to the Red Cross or any other relief organization that's helping out.  I'm lucky to have this chance to work on this project ... but every one of us can do something to help.  If you are in Houston or in any of the other cities that are providing shelter to our fellow Americans, donate some time to help out those less fortunate ... those that have been devastated by this disaster.
And remember, as you look at the images of the survivors from the disaster area ... There, but for the Grace of God, go I