We're still going strong -- though most of us are a little on the brain fried side.  We're getting ready for our second push into production and a break for dinner (the project lead is absolutely insisting that we break ... which is probably a good thing because, as I type this entry, I seem to be having some issues ...). 

We've been getting a lot of hits and more and more data.  We're also working on getting data from different places that has been collected to load into the database.  We're also hard at work on getting Microsoft Speech Server up and running ... so we can send voice message from evacuees to their family.  They said it would take us 7 days ... we're working to get it done in two. 

Jim Keane from the MTC and I have been working on a Smart Client app for the aid workers to use in the field.  It will have some functionality that's not on the web site, but, with the beauty of web services, we are using a common data store ... so what gets entered by the aid workers will be on the web and what's entered on the web will be available to aid workers.  Developer Express was also kind enough to let us use some of their controls ... so we'll have some pretty good functionality there for the aid workers (and a much nicer grid than the one that ships in .NET!) 

With that ... TTFN.  Gonna go get me some food.  It's gonna be a long night.