It's now 3:00 AM on Monday morning.  We've been here since around 9:30 AM yesterday morning.  We just did another push to production on the web site. We had some challenges ... and, this time, we actually recorded it for posterity.  However, at 3 AM in the morning, somethings there are things that probably shouldn't be posted on the web.  I'm gonna try to get it up on Channel 9 ... we'll see how it needs to be edited.  :-P  That's what happens when you have folks working their butts off for 16+ hours. 

Anyway, it's time to go to the hotel.  Time to sleep.  We have the Smart Client for the Red Cross folks to finish tomorrow. 

We made a lot of progress today as well.  Most of the Smart Client is done.  We had some challenges with Speech Server, but we did get our first outbound calls today. (Thank god ... if not, I was worried that Phil would kill someone!) 

Ya know ... going from 0 to what he have now in 72 hours ... amazing.