Well, we're close to calling it a night here at the Austin MTC.  Everyone is tired and honestly, some nerves are beginning to wear thin.  That happens when you have a bunch of type A personalities in a high stress situation crowded into a small room all day working on very little sleep and a lot of caffeine.  We've made really good progress ... the Smart Client is ready to roll out tomorrow for use.  It will be downloaded over the web and automagically updated, thanks to the brilliant work of Jim Keane.  The past couple of hours have been just a slew of little tiny changes ... things like getting all the validation correct, etc. etc.  We should also be going live with Speech Server tomorrow sometime ... we'll be using it to allow evacuees to send messages to their loved ones (both email and voice) and also to allow folks that are looking for people to get notification when we've found them.  Picture this ... a family waiting to hear from a loved one that was in the disaster area.  They've not heard from them since the hurricane hit.  Then ... they get a call saying that their loved one has been found and is at such-and-such evacuation center.  That's what we're working for.  [:D]

We've been getting more and more data on the site.  But ... we've also made a lot of progress in working with the various government and non-profit agencies to get them to send their data.  If it all comes in, we should have several hundred thousand records in the KatrinaSafe.com database.  Also, once we get the Smart Client deployed, relief workers will have a pretty tool to use to register people and enter them into the system. 

Well, time to go ... and get some sleep.  [|-)]