It's another early night here in the Austin MTC.  We got out at 1 AM last night ... tonight we should be out of here by midnight, I think.  Development's been shut down since 9:30 so that everyone can take a break.  It's been a very busy day. 

What we accomplished:

  • Production deployment of the Smart Client application. Getting ready to go this morning was a zoo ... we had 12 testers in here banging on the application.  Dave was doing triage of the bugs and making sure we closed out all Sev 1 bugs before shipping. 
  • Several additions to the web site (honestly, I don't know what ... I've been heads-down on Smart Client)
  • Speech Server went LIVE for outbound calls!  Phil's pulled off a major miracle getting that going in such a short period of time.  We all want to meet the first person to get a call ... to see what we've done. 
  • Loaded a bunch of data from external sources.  We now have nearly 20000 records with more coming in later this week.  And nearly 900 inquiries ... all hand entered ... of folks looking for loved ones. 
  • Moved the DNS to a higher bandwidth pipe.  Funny story here - Dave, who, for reasons beyond my comprehension, has a 6 way server sitting in his house doing nothing, was hosting our DNS for  Well, we were getting so much traffic that we saturated his ISP's OC3 line.  Yes, folks, we toasted an OC3 line with only DNS lookups.  No web traffic, just DNS queries.  Now, that is impressive.  We were already looking to get it moved ... Dave's wife had called wondering why their internet connection was so slow and why their VOIP didn't work anymore ... but we didn't think we'd have to do it so quickly.  I mean, who would think that DNS alone would bring down an entire OC3 pipe?  And while we all found it somewhat funny, I doubt his ISP did.  To their credit ... they kept it up until we could get it moved and we thank them for that.  (Sorry guys ... you know who you are.) 

We also had a visit from Bill Veghte, the corporate VP of the US subsidiary.  He came by to thank us for all of our hard work in getting this up and running.  That was pretty cool.  Of course, he was here during triage and production push ... oh well, I'm sure it's not something that he hasn't seen before. 

I would also like to point out the great job that Developer Express did supporting us with last minute issues that we had ... which actually turned out to be our fault ... but they were quick to respond and very helpful.  Thanks guys! 

Well ... it's time to go play some Halo before heading back to the hotel.  We all need to blow some stuff up.  In a way, I feel guilty.  We have more to do to help the evacuees.  But ... I also know that burning myself out will do no one any good.  And it has been a long couple of days.