Well, finally got to do the events in Baton Rouge.  After all the weather excitement recently, it was really good to get down there for these events.  Momentum, as always did a great job hosting! 

By popular request, here's the materials from the event to download:

File Download Size (KB) Description
Writing Secure Code.zip 2470 This is the PowerPoint deck for the Writing Secure Code presentation
SecureCodeVS2003Demos.zip 101 These are the Visual Studio .NET 2003 versions of the Writing Secure Code demos. You will need to add the "SQLInjectionDemo" as a web in IIS to run the demo.
SecureCodeVS2005Demos.zip 143 These are the Visual Studio 2005 versions of the Writing Secure Code demos ... and the ones that I used for the presentation. The solution is for Visual Studio 2005 Release Candidate from September ... I don't know if it will work in previous builds. Note that you do not need to create the web as this is a file-based web project. Additionally, if you are running SQL Server 2005, note that the Northwind sample database is not installed on SQL Server 2005. You will need to install Northwind to get the SQL Injection demos to run.
VSTS Overview Deck 7078 This is the Visual Studio Team System Overview deck that I presented.

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