I have little announcement to make today. Windows Script 5.7 which ships with different flavors of Windows® Vista is now available for Windows® 2000/XP as well as Windows® 2003 Server.

This download will install Microsoft® Windows® Script containing Visual Basic® Script Edition (VBScript.) Version 5.7, JScript® Version 5.7, Windows Script Components, Windows Script Host 5.7, and Windows Script Runtime Version 5.7.
Why should you care about this update ? If you ever encountered performance issues running AJAX applications (e.g. Gmail), you should absolutely consider installing this update. This update includes an updated Garbage Collector that used to previously make AJAX appliications run pretty poorly. This update is available on Vista and we are now providing this to all supported OS versions (XP, Win2K, Win2K Server). You will see noticeably better performance on your favorite AJAX applications and with more and more AJAX applications coming on line, you will be very happy you did this.
Below is the download link for the updates.

Download Windows Script 5.7 for Windows 2000

Download Windows Script 5.7 for Windows XP

Download Windows Script 5.7 for Windows 2003 Server

Also lot of people might be wondering what all changes has gone inside this release. A quick look at release note will give you all the detail. The release notes can be downloaded from here.

Happy downloading and enjoy all the benefits of Windows Script 5.7 on other OS too!!


Don Raman