There has been some request and suggestion that when the JScript team feels that there are so many advantages of JScript update which went as part of Windows Script 5.7 release, why this is not being pushed as part of Windows Automatic Update. Well, we do agree that making the JScript DLL (which is part Windows Script 5.7 package) delivered as automatic update will indeed help us in many ways including:

  • Reaching a huge number of our customers. This being a push rather than a pull (where the user needs to go and download the package from Microsoft Download Center) will certainly help in having this installed on a large number of machines.
  •  Web site owners/developers whose site has improved will indeed want to have their customer see the same improvements. Now the chances that their customer will also go to the download link and download the package is again bit low. However doing an automatic update will help them too.

When Microsoft started the concept of automatic update, many items like a bug fix/feature request also made part of this. This lead to some system being broken. So people were generally skeptical consuming the latest updates and be broken. Instead they chose to be vulnerable.

Microsoft as a company has tried its level best to erase this perception. As a result of this only high vulnerable bug fix (security bugs) and similar items are only passed as part of auto-update. This is to make sure that we push things which are extremely of high importance from security/vulnerability point of view. So it's very difficult to push in general bug fixes through auto-update.

However all said the JScript team is looking at this as a priority and we are going to make a case for this. Stay tuned for further updates.


Don Raman