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October, 2007

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This is a blog maintained by the JScript development team.  The topics discussed here include all issues relating to JScript, the engine that runs JScript inside IE, the language implementation, ECMA standards, developer tools etc.

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    Classes in JScript – Part III: Class Hierarchy and Data Encapsulation

    In this post I will be discussing how one can achieve Class Hierarchy and Data Encapsulation in JScript . I will take the same example that was used for the first and second parts and will keep updating it as and when required. function Rectangle...
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    ECMAScript 3 and beyond

    The web has become the primary global computing platform tying together hundreds of millions of sites. In the eight years since the release of the ECMAScript Language Specification 3rd Edition (ES3), ECMAScript (commonly known as JavaScript™ or JScript...
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    Performance issues with "String Concatenation" in JScript.

    Hello Friends, I am Jaiprakash and work as a Developer in the Jscript team. There is not much to tell about me except one fact - I can’t recall the last time when any of my teammates called me by my name, they just call me JP J . I know, you have seen...
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