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November, 2007

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This is a blog maintained by the JScript development team.  The topics discussed here include all issues relating to JScript, the engine that runs JScript inside IE, the language implementation, ECMA standards, developer tools etc.

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    JScript Performance Update for IE6 users

    Sometime back Don blogged about Windows Script 5.7 release . We got lots of feedback on this, people asked for making this as an automatic update and support for 64 bit platform. The good news is that we have heard you. The biggest fix in JScript was...
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    ECMAScript, Mashups, and Security

    A mashup composes a web application by combining programs and data services from multiple originators, and delivers it for presentation on a single web page. Usually, these programs and services interact with each other - housing maps being the canonical...
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    Writing for JScript Intellisense in VS 2008

    Since we release JSript intellisense in Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, there has been some queries on why JScript intellisense behaves in a certain way. I wish to tell you that intellisense in a dynamic language like JScript is based on certain heuristics...
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