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March, 2008

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This is a blog maintained by the JScript development team.  The topics discussed here include all issues relating to JScript, the engine that runs JScript inside IE, the language implementation, ECMA standards, developer tools etc.

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    Performance Optimization of Arrays - Part I

    Hello Friends, Have you observed better performance of Array operations in IE8 than IE7? If not, try the following code in both IE7 & IE8 and I can bet you would not leave this page without reading till the last word. var arrObj = new Array(); var...
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    Insight into String Concatenation in JScript

    Hello Friends, Have you read my post on the String Concatenation issue? If yes, then I can sense your curiosity to know a little bit more about what went on behind the scenes. For example, what is the new algorithm used to get to the performance results...
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    IE8 Script Debugger - Under the Hood

    IE8 Beta1 (download available here ) now includes a Script debugger that is part of IE8 Developer Tools. This Script debugger was built by the JScript team and I hope you have been using it to fix all script errors when building your web applications...
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    JScript Debugger in Internet Explorer 8

    As Shreesh mentioned in his blog , Internet Explorer 8 has a built-in JScript debugger. With Internet Explorer Developer Tools you get a light weight JScript debugger that is well integrated in the browser and available out of the box. This is an in-proc...
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    JScript in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Developers

    Making developers more productive through the design, development, and debug phases of web application development is one of the key goals for Internet Explorer 8. I’d like to take this opportunity to walk you through the features that the JScript team...
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