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April, 2008

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This is a blog maintained by the JScript development team.  The topics discussed here include all issues relating to JScript, the engine that runs JScript inside IE, the language implementation, ECMA standards, developer tools etc.

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    Reading XML File With JScript

    I am Titus working as a SDET in JScript team. Sometime back I came across a situation where the requirement was to pass a XML file and get a Tree Listing back. The Tree Listing should have all nodes in the file along with proper parent/child relationship...
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    Performance Optimization of Arrays - Part II

    Hello Friends, Hope you have read part I of this topic which I posted few days ago. If not then I would suggest going through that first as this post is just a continuation of that one. So coming to the point, here is the second reason - 2. “JavaScript...
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    GC Improvements in JScript for Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

    Hello Friends, Today I am going to talk about some of the Garbage Collector improvement we have done. Actually the original fix was done in Script 5.7 (shipped with IE7/Vista and also available on down level platforms ), which we further enhanced in JScript...
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