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March, 2009

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About JScript Blog

This is a blog maintained by the JScript development team.  The topics discussed here include all issues relating to JScript, the engine that runs JScript inside IE, the language implementation, ECMA standards, developer tools etc.

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    Internet Explorer 8 Final Available Now

    Internet Explorer 8 Final is now available in 25 languages. IE8 makes what real people do on the web every day faster, easier, and safer. Anyone running Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server can get 32-bit and 64-bit versions now from http...
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    What’s new in JScript for IE8

    During Beta1 and Beta2 pre-releases of IE8, we’ve blogged about the performance optimizations done in the Script engine and the addition of new language features such as native JSON support . We also provided details about the JScript Debugger and the...
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