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June, 2007

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I'm a group program manager on the Silverlight presentation and graphics team and the focus of my blog will be to answer questions and provide general information on Silverlight.  Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for building the next generation of Media Experiences and Rich Interactive Applications.  Silverlight has a friction-free web install with a small download size.  Silverlight supports programmability through JavaScript for tight browser integration as well as a .NET programming model for synergy with Microsoft developers.

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    Silveright Breaking Changes between Mix and Version 1.0

    I’m using the post to aggregate my other post into a comprehensive list of V1.0 breaking changes. 1. There are a set of ASX tags we previously silently ignored that we will now result in a MediaFailed event. These are: PREVIEWMODE, BANNERBAR, PARAM...
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    Richard Z's Jelly Samples

    Richard Zadorozny, a Program Manager Intern on the Windows team, developed three Silverlight “Jelly” samples while getting up to speed with the technology. I found them pretty cool so I’ve posted them here: bar chart , a pie chart and a graph samples...
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    Jelly Source Code

    I’ve had several requests for this so I’ve posted the source code here . Again, big thanks to Richard Zadorozny for these samples.
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    V 1.0 Downloader Breaking Change

    Due to difficulties in providing reliable synchronous downloads cross-platform, we’ve removed this from our downloader API. Removing this means we no longer need the 3 rd parameter on the downloader open call so this has been removed. Since we’ve removed...
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    V 1.0 Visibility Property Breaking Change

    In order to reduce surface area, we removed Visibility.Hidden from the product. Prior to this change Visibility.Hidden behaved the same as Visibility.Collapsed. From a functionality stand-point, the Silverlight behavior is closer to the WPF Visibility...
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    Updated post on Version 1.0 Breaking Changes

    I've created a single post that aggregates my other posts on V 1.0 breaking changes. This post does include a few changes I hadn't previously blogged about. In the future, I'll add new breaking changes to this list (although this should be the last of...
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