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March, 2009

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I'm a group program manager on the Silverlight presentation and graphics team and the focus of my blog will be to answer questions and provide general information on Silverlight.  Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for building the next generation of Media Experiences and Rich Interactive Applications.  Silverlight has a friction-free web install with a small download size.  Silverlight supports programmability through JavaScript for tight browser integration as well as a .NET programming model for synergy with Microsoft developers.

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    Silverlight 3 Out Of Browser Chess Application

    The final sample from my Mix 09 talk is an Out Of Browser version of the Silverlight 2 Chess Application . You can find the source for this sample here .
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    Local Messaging Samples

    I posted the Local Messaging samples I showed at Mix 2009 including the Bouncing Balls sample and the Chess Wars application. Click here to run the Bouncing Balls application (you’ll need to temporarily allow pop-ups). To start a ball, click on anyone...
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    Chroma Key Pixel Shader Sample

    Here’s the source to the WriteableBitmap and Pixel Shader sample I showed at Mix 2009. Click on the image below to run the sample (and have the Silverlight 3 Beta installed – you can get that here ). Drag one of the images (or video) from the left and...
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    WriteableBitmap Sample

    Here's the source to the WriteableBitmap sample I showed at Mix. The sample uses WriteableBitmap to take a "snapshot" of the running video to make a thumbnail. Click on the image below to run the sample. When running the sample, click on the running video...
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    Perspective 3D Sample

    Finally getting around to posting the Mix demos, and the first I’ve posted is the Perspective3D demo. I've posted the source here and you can click on the image below to run the sample. The demo shows the following new Silverlight 3...
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    Mix09 Presentation and Deck

    I did a packed “What’s new in Silverlight 3” session at Mix 2009 and had a blast. I’m working on posting the samples but for now, you can find a video of the session here and my deck here . Samples and walkthroughs should all be posted by Monday…
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