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September, 2009

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I'm a group program manager on the Silverlight presentation and graphics team and the focus of my blog will be to answer questions and provide general information on Silverlight.  Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for building the next generation of Media Experiences and Rich Interactive Applications.  Silverlight has a friction-free web install with a small download size.  Silverlight supports programmability through JavaScript for tight browser integration as well as a .NET programming model for synergy with Microsoft developers.

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    Silverlight ICO/ICON Decoder (Parser)

    It turns out the Windows BMP file format is similar to the Windows ICO file format. Given that, it wasn't too hard for me to produce a Windows ICO/ICON decoder (parser) based on the work I did around a Silverlight BMP decoder. I didn't spend a lot of...
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    Silverlight 4 Feature Requests

    Tim Heuer and Scott Barnes have established a more community focused way of tracking Silverlight 4 feature requests. You can find their feature tracker here: Silverlight Feedback Forum . Other than a few items that our outside our control (iPhone, bundling...
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    Silverlight 3 Sample Updates

    I finally got a chance to update both my Mix 2009 and bitmap samples to Silverlight 3. See the table below for links to the running samples as well as Silverlight 3 sample source code. Note the GIF decoder has been updated to support interlaced GIFs ...
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