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September, 2004

  • Juan Roman Escamilla

    Skype & S+ARCK

    I have been testing Skype and so far it seems to be a great option. Voice quality is great and it has not fail even once. Now I know I need to buy a good handset and by the way have you checked out the new S+ARCK line designed by Philippe Starck of Microsoft...
  • Juan Roman Escamilla

    GBrowser - For real?

    Gustavo Muñoz just posted about the information on Whois.NET regarding gbrowser.com, gbrowser.net, and gbrowser.org and guess who is the owner? Google Inc. of course.
  • Juan Roman Escamilla

    Bug Tracking

    I found a list of Bug Tracking tools with the following names. Visual Studio Team System features are of course not listed but I am curious of what do you use for this purpose. There are no .NET tools here; I’ve seen some successful attempts of using...
  • Juan Roman Escamilla

    Most efficient way to compare two byte arrays

    Does anyone know the most efficient way to compare two byte arrays? I want to know if they are equal. And I’m kind of stocked in looking for the best way to do it.
  • Juan Roman Escamilla

    Frustrado con Burton

    I have a problem that has filled me with frustration. I don't have 3 computers where I can install Burton; sorry. I can't use it. As for today Bugs are being kept as Issues in an extended list in SharePoint and Project Server and it works fine. Can't...
  • Juan Roman Escamilla

    .NET +1 / Java -1

    Gustavo Muñoz , el Chief Architect de JackBe acaba de darme la buena noticia que empezará a hacer su tesis con respecto a optimización, métodos numéricos, matemáticas aplicadas y por demás jaladas de ese tipo. Lo más bonito de esta historia es que lo...
  • Juan Roman Escamilla

    Parece que llego Santa

    Uuuuuf mucho software a estrenar. Como disfruto estos momentos. Windows Media Player 10 , de entrada se ve mejor que el beta que uso desde hace meses, solo quisiera saber si MSR mete mano en el Jukebox o no, estaría cool que lo hiciera. Mi más esperado...
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