I have a problem that has filled me with frustration. I don't have 3 computers where I can install Burton; sorry. I can't use it. As for today Bugs are being kept as Issues in an extended list in SharePoint and Project Server and it works fine. Can't I see it using Remote Desktop? Virtual Server? MSDN Lab? A Showroom in an WTC? Could someone invite me to see it?

Tengo un problema que me ha llenado de frustración. No tengo 3 máquinas dónde instalar Burton. Sorry... No lo puedo usar. Por lo pronto a partir de hoy los Bugs son Issues en una extended list en SharePoint y Project Server y esta funcionando bien... No puedo verlo en un Remote Desktop? Virtual Server? MSDN Lab? Un Showroom en un WTC? Alguien que me invite a verlo?