Last Tuesday I was in Barcelona and went through the board level interview to become a Microsoft Certified Architect. The bright guys at the review board challenged me a lot and I had some hard times to answer their questions and to defend my position. Clemens Vasters blogged about that program back in June, and my fellow Microsoft colleague Richard Godfrey has an amusing story about the early stages of this new certification process. They both made very clear - and I strongly agree - that you need to provide very good evidence that you really can act as a lead architect throughout the whole lifecycle of a reasonable complex enterprise level project and are able to deliver a solution. They are looking at your competencies from a 360 degree perspective, technology depth and breath is only a part of that, perhaps about 30%, and it's not enough just to understand one technology stack, e.g. the Microsoft one.

Developing software since nearly 28 years and working in architects roles since the early 90ies this Certification is the first formal acknowledgment of what I did and I'm doing. I'm humbled by getting accepted as a peer by the guys at the board.