This evening the German MSDN Architects Connection went live! The fabulous Thomas Fickert and his team did it again and provided the essential insights and help with the MSDN infrastructure to make this portal a reality. Over the last months Damir Tomicic took the lead and talked to a lot of people, put a lot of creative thinking into the structure and the offerings of the portal, and given the constraints we had to follow, I believe the result is a very good first step. We went through some hard times, but now it's there and it is up to you, our fellow German architects - whether Microsoft oriented or not - to adopt the portal and help us to drive a community.

I personally own the Security, Identity & Access knowledge area and you may read my periodical editorials there. You can also find some profile information about me.

So, have fun on our new architectsconnection.

P.S.: I've just learned that the official "Go-Live" is next thursday, it's still in kind of beta mode, profiles are not fully enabled.