Last week (15-Nov) in Vilnius/Lithuania and yesterday in Athens/Greek we delivered our first two Architects Forums explaining and discussing the concepts and challenges of Software as a Service (SaaS). The events had good attendence and we received very positive feedback.

The architects especially seems to like the "Long Tail" aspect, and my guess is that the ones in the audience who are from ISVs like that approach because that means to open up new business with new customers who otherwise were out of reach. And for some reason "new business" is more attractive than moving exisiting - hopefully satisfied - customers to a new delivery model.

In the One-Day forum we delivered four 75-Min talks:

  1. SaaS - An Overview
  2. Building SaaS Solutions
  3. SaaS in the Enterprise
  4. SaaS - Implications for your infrastructure

In Lithuania I took the challenge to deliver all four talks - even the infrastructure one - and happily survived that challenge as a solution architect:-) In Athens my colleague Kevin Sangwell took the fourth talk and I happily could concentrate on my domain.

I've published my slides here (Kevin will publish his talk on his own blog).

After yesterdays event I was interviewd by the local Greek DotNet usergroup. They were interested in what it means to be a "Certified Architect". So I tried to explain the value proposition of the certification, what kind of competencies are required and how the process looks like. I hope that some Greek guys feel challenged and go for it.

Even in the dinner events around the Lithuanian forum the MCA was a topic that the attendees actively asked me to explain. For me this is a good sign: the architects certification really seems to be of interest.