This week I was on a roundtrip to Stockholm - to deliver just another SaaS Architects Forum - and to Madrid for a meeting. My flight back yesterday evening boarded exactly as scheduled, but then they grounded us for two hours in Madrid because air traffic control imposed restrictions due to storm Kyrill. The flight then was quite smooth, just until 30 minutes before landing, when they started to descend towards Frankfurt Airport. Only a few funfair attractions can give you that experience, and none of them for sure half an hour in a row.

There was a remarkable silence in the plane during the landing approach, and just minutes before touchdown at exactly 11pm my mobile gave a loud alarm - I'd forgotten to switch off the sound. The people around me were scared by that and stared at me, so I quickly silenced the device.

Next week I've a roundtrip to Oslo and Istanbul and for sure I hope not to repeat that experience.