Since a while I'm of course on VS2008 Betas and RCs and now on RTM, but my Home pseudo-production environment was still on TFS2005. Last night I migrated that to TFS2008 and the whole thing went very smooth. I upgraded the whole thing to Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0, and after some little tweaks the system is running smoothly, close to zero red flags in the event log:-)

I also installed the CTP of Web Access for TFS2008 and also that went very well. I can now again access all my demo projects while I'm travelling or in the office.

I'm now waiting on version 2 of Scrum for Team System, my favourite agile process model for the little stuff I'm doing.

The downside of the whole action is, that I better should have gone to bed earlier, because the cold I'm struggling with took the challenge and stroke back. So for today at least I can't make much use of my new system, I need to take a rest...