This week I was doing just another Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) board in Dubai. I'm delighted to see that the process how we assess the competencies of the candidates is mature and repeatable. All the boards I've served on as a board member in the last 2 years had a consistent quality level and metrics. It's just amazing to see how the different boards - they  always had different members - can provide such a consistency. Kudos to the program management and the board of directors for their strategy to find that mix of experienced and newer board members. That keeps the whole thing so interesting for me, because you not only have the opportunity to see several candidates a week, each presenting and defending very interesting enterprise level architectures, but you always also meet fellow MCAs, some you know already and some you've heard of but never met them.

So this week I was again on a board with Jim Wilt - Chief Software Architect at Metrics Reporting in the USA - (my 3rd time with him), Max Poliashenko - VP at Bank of America in the USA (my 2nd time with him), Pervez Kazmi - Principal Technical Architect at Infosys in Australia (my 1st time with him), Ramnish Singh - IT Advisor for Microsoft in India (my 1st time with him), and last but not least my fellow German compatriot Thorsten Wujek - CIO at Stein-IT in Germany. I'm especially happy to see another German on the board.

So this week I had the pleasure to have a 1-1 dinner with Pervez, who at his time at Microsoft co-authored the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) process model. And it was very interesting to hear from him how Infosys lives CMMI and achieves a mindblowing rate of  projects that succeed in time and budget (above 92%, more here). I also was delighted to see their great adoption of Team Foundation Server and VSTS in their  Windows practices.

Here is just a nice picture of the board just before lunch in the Al Qasr Hotel.


Left to Right: Max, Ramnish, Pervez, Jim, Thorsten, Jürgen