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  • Blog Post: SaaS Sample application released today

    Look here for more details about the just released sample application. It is demonstrating how to apply many of the architecture principles published by my colleagues Gianpaolo Carraro and Fred Chong . Technorati tags: SaaS , Architecture , LongTail
  • Blog Post: ECMA-376 vs ODF

    Our competitors seems to get a bit nervous about Microsoft supporting the ECMA-376 standard becoming an ISO standard. They filed complaints against this move. ECMA-376 represents decades of experience with document processing and a large number of engineers putting efforts into compiling this standard...
  • Blog Post: New Microsoft SaaS site is live!

    Visit http://www.microsoft.com/saas , the new top level place if you want to learn what Microsoft is doing in the SaaS space.
  • Blog Post: David Chappel on SOA and Reuse

    David Chappel has an interesting entry in his Opinari newsletter about SOA and the Reality of Reuse . Worth a read.
  • Blog Post: No more blog editing inside the Browser:-)

    You're like me and don't like all those Web-Controls allowing you to edit HTML inside the browser? Lost text sometimes? Not really high fidelity? So finally there might be a cure: Windows Live Writer is here . This is of course my first posting using Writer, and I already discovered some very nice...
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