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Error during SharePoint SP2 install

Error during SharePoint SP2 install

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I just installed (x64 MOSS with SP1 & Feb cumulative update installed) WSS SP2, MOSS SP2, WSS fi-fi LP SP2, MOSS fi-fi LP SP2 and didn't run the config wizard until the end and this is how things went:

 Try #1

psconfig -cmd upgrade -wait -inplace b2b

Three steps went through and then Error. Feature '20477d83-8bdb-414e-964b-080637f7d99b' is not installed in this farm. Few little searches inside 12-hive and it seemed to be "PublishingTimerJobs" -feature.
No panic at this point. This is  sharepoint so why not install the feature via stsadm.

Try #2

stsadm -o installfeature -name PublishingTimerJobs
psconfig -cmd upgrade -wait -inplace b2b

Whee. Everything works :)

Hope this helps if someone hits the same issue.


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