There was an interesting discussion not long ago. People complain file names are just too user un-unfriendly. What is WISPTIS.exe? It is “Microsoft Tablet PC Platform Component”.  How could you tell from its name?

Valid complain.

Other people have rebuttal. File name is never meant to user friendly. If it is, what does it mean to international users? Do you want to localize the file name?

Other people have suggestion. You can store version information on binaries today. We should take advantage of that.

This is what I see on my machine. You will have WISPTIS.exe if you installed Microsoft Journal Viewer.
C:\>filever -v C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\wisptis.exe
--a-- W32i   APP ENU      1.0.2201.0 shp    194,560 08-29-2002 wisptis.exe
        Language        0x0409 (English (United States))
        CharSet         0x04b0 Unicode
        OleSelfRegister Enabled
        CompanyName     Microsoft Corporation
        FileDescription Microsoft Tablet PC Platform Component
        InternalName    WISPTIS.EXE
        OriginalFilenam WISPTIS.EXE
        ProductName     Microsoft? Windows? Operating System
        ProductVersion  1.0.2201.0
        FileVersion     1.0.2201.0 (xpsp1.020828-1920)
        LegalCopyright  Copyright ? 1998-2002 Microsoft Corporation.

        Signature:      feef04bd
        Struc Ver:      00010000
        FileVer:        00010000:08990000 (1.0:2201.0)
        ProdVer:        00010000:08990000 (1.0:2201.0)
        FlagMask:       0000003f
        Flags:          00000000
        OS:             00040004 NT Win32
        FileType:       00000001 App
        SubType:        00000000
        FileDate:       00000000:00000000

Anyway, just for fun.