Spec Explorer team recently released version 3.1 for Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate on Spec Explorer Devlabs portal. One highlight feature is help integration with Visual Studio 2010. I am going to show you how to use this feature here.

First of all, let’s get familiar with Help Library Manager (Start Menu –> All Programs –> Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 –> Visual Studio Tools –> Manage Help Settings).


After you launched Help Library Manager, you can choose to use online (MSDN) or offline (local) help.


After you installed Spec Explorer 2010 version 3.1, you should be able to see that local help of Spec Explorer is installed when you click “Remove Content” menu of Help Library Manager.


You can easily use Help Library Manager to check updates of your local help by clicking “Check for updates online”, and update local help to latest content when update is available.


If you choose to use online help, help menu of Spec Explorer (Start Menu –> Spec Explorer 2010 –> Spec Explorer 2010 Documentation, VS menu –> Spec Explorer –> Help) will point to root topic of Spec Explorer MSDN page.

If you choose to use local help, help menu of Spec Explorer will launch Help Library Agent to open root topic page of local Spec Explorer document.


BTW, we also started to integrate F1 help feature. You can launch corresponding help topic from “Exploration Manager”, “Modeling Guidance” tool window, “View Definitions” dialog and exploration graph viewer document window when you press “F1”.