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  • Blog Post: Syndication formats, endpoints and config files

    I got a question via email today that forced me to look back through some older emails for the answer. It may make sense to share the question / answer in a broader sense. Earlier builds of Orcas surfaced a syndication format to an endpoint by way of a behavior. In essence, you could add a SyndicationBehavior...
  • Blog Post: Podcast with Jon Udell

    Jon just published a podcast where we discuss how WCF in Orcas simplifies Syndication and RESTful style architectures. Hear it here .
  • Blog Post: Web and SOAP via WCF

    WCF in Orcas introduces several new types that, among other things, dramatically simplify the work needed to write applications that adhere to the protocols of the web. These types of services are commonly described as having a REST-ful architectural style. For the most part, a REST-ful architectural...
  • Blog Post: .NET Framework Beta 1 Available for Download

    The .NET Fx 3.5 Beta 1 is now available here . Check it out. It's a set of Virtual PC files, so there is no install hocus pocus. Some of the features in .NET Fx 3.5 (as it relates to WCF): WCF web programming, syndication, JSON messages, and integration with workflow.
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