“The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.” —Bertrand Russell

May, 2006

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About Bit-cycling

My name is Sean Lyndersay. I'm a lead program manager on the PowerPoint team. In past lives, I have been on the Live Search (now Bing) team (briefly), Internet Explorer team, the Windows Networking team, the SQL Server team (briefly) and the Exchange team.

This blog is place for me to blog on semi-work-related topics that interest me and may interest others, who care about things like Microsoft, UI development, software development in general, and other such things (there are also several posts about promising to post more :).

If either of my two readers have something they'd like me to post about, they should drop me a line.

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    This is a test

    This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. I’m bolding and I’m italicising and This Is A table
  • Bit-cycling

    Atom content and summary and IE7

    I took a moment to point IE7 (on Vista) to this feed. Looks good to me. :) Reminds me -- I really need to post that documentation on how the RSS platform handles different feed formats and different elements of different formats. I'll see if I can...
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    Blogging from Word

    Great news announced on Joe Friend’s blog this morning: Word 2007 has built-in support for blogging! Go and read the details. Best part? Clean HTML! Anyone who has ever tried to post by copying and pasting from Word just gave 3 cheers. You might...
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