“The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.” —Bertrand Russell

August, 2006

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About Bit-cycling

My name is Sean Lyndersay. I'm a lead program manager on the PowerPoint team. In past lives, I have been on the Live Search (now Bing) team (briefly), Internet Explorer team, the Windows Networking team, the SQL Server team (briefly) and the Exchange team.

This blog is place for me to blog on semi-work-related topics that interest me and may interest others, who care about things like Microsoft, UI development, software development in general, and other such things (there are also several posts about promising to post more :).

If either of my two readers have something they'd like me to post about, they should drop me a line.

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    My Favorite (hidden) IE feature

    Whenever I install Windows on a new PC (which in my daily work happens fair more frequently than I care to admit), there's one* setting that I always tweak before doing anything else: Internet Options, Advanced tab, " Use inline AutoComplete " What this...
  • Bit-cycling

    Vista Notes, Episode #1: Themes

    My main laptop is a Toshiba M4 tablet PC (2GB RAM, 75GB HD). It's configured for dual-booting Windows XP and Windows Vista. About 2 months ago, I made the move to use the Vista partition as my main environment. It's been up-and-down, but mostly up. After...
  • Bit-cycling

    Vista Notes, Episode #1 (cont'd): Themes

    Next... Aero Basic (or the non-glass mode) didn't hold me for very long. It was... boring, compared to Aero Glass. A co-worker of mine complained the other day that Vista is forcing him to not maxmize his windows. Why? Because maximized windows in Vista...
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