“The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.” —Bertrand Russell

January, 2007

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About Bit-cycling

My name is Sean Lyndersay. I'm a lead program manager on the PowerPoint team. In past lives, I have been on the Live Search (now Bing) team (briefly), Internet Explorer team, the Windows Networking team, the SQL Server team (briefly) and the Exchange team.

This blog is place for me to blog on semi-work-related topics that interest me and may interest others, who care about things like Microsoft, UI development, software development in general, and other such things (there are also several posts about promising to post more :).

If either of my two readers have something they'd like me to post about, they should drop me a line.

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    The Birth of AJAX

    Alex (my first manager at Microsoft) write a great article on the birth of XMLHTTP (the core technology that underlies AJAX ). Definitely a great read. Though Alex was kind enough to mention my involvement, I have to say that XMLHTTP was pretty much done...
  • Bit-cycling

    "Why Software Sucks"... Sigh.

    Okay. Major disclaimer: I develop software. I've designed many a piece of UI that makes me cringe to think about it (including the most seen and irritating balloon on the face of the planet -- " Wireless Network Connection is now connected ". I'll write...
  • Bit-cycling

    And the reason we don't shout this from the rooftops is...?

    So, apparently, the Origami team working on UI for the Ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) form-factor (sexy name, eh), have been working hard on new experiences. Apparently, it's been called by some " the best software I've seen at CES ." I have to admit, it looks...
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