“The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.” —Bertrand Russell

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  • Blog Post: Stupid Outlook Tricks: The back button

    A long time ago, someone decided that Outlook should be able to browse web pages inside its frame*. Among other things, the “Web” toolbar was created, with a full complement of browser controls, including an address bar. Shortly afterwards, people came to their senses and this kind of functionality is...
  • Blog Post: Taskbar Shuffle

    I install and uninstall dozens of pieces of software weekly. I also (perhaps as a result of the first statement), rebuild my laptop from scratch about once every three of four months. So, it's a rare piece of software that lasts on my PC time after time. I thought I would highlight one of those today...
  • Blog Post: My Favorite (hidden) IE feature

    Whenever I install Windows on a new PC (which in my daily work happens fair more frequently than I care to admit), there's one* setting that I always tweak before doing anything else: Internet Options, Advanced tab, " Use inline AutoComplete " What this does is enables autocomplete of URLs (and other...
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