Simon threw out a very cool new tool to work with WSE2.  Thanks Simon!! 

 I have to schedule a Live Meeting on WSE 2 for the early September.  It will be a short 30 minute deep dive, with a trailing 15 minutes for questions on WSE.  I'll post a link here for the webcast as well as email those I cover as ISVs.

Here is the link to Simon's tool:

In Simon's own words on why he crafted it and personally why I really like it:

It monitors the WSE 2.0 trace files as opposed to acting as a ‘man in the middle’ proxy.  Benefits over the SOAP toolkit trace util:


-          no extensions and/or ports to setup

-          will work with other transport providers (MSMQ, MQSeries)

-          nothing to install (just run a single .exe)