So from a lot of recent blogs and according to Open Source news sites like OSNews, the release of X86 Solaris as Open Source has Solaris about 4 years behind Linux.  I'm trying hard not to laugh outright, but giggles are still escaping me....

Now, I should say that for most of my career I used primarily Solaris in the workplace and had several smaller development SPARC boxes at home most of that time.  As far as Linux, I used it as my home network firewall and on my laptops, while maintaining tadpole envy most of that time. 

I think the biggest issue I have with many Open Source pundits, but not the OSNews article, is claim about the great number of applications available for Linux.  If an application runs on Linux, I can quickly recompile it for Solaris.  Why you ask?  Pardon my lame Star Wars pun, but because I have access to the source, Luke. 

This then brings discussion to the Intellectual Property discussion, which I won't even attempt broach.  Why you ask again, because I think the contest then boils down to customer relationships and marketing muscle.  Of course you can't discount from the equation who has the best kernel programmers and who can scale.  I'm betting my money on Daniel Price and team over at Sun.