Hello -


I'm in the process of restructuring and improving the content we provide to support customization of Visual Studio Team Foundation work item tracking, projects, and processes. To support this effort, I need your help.


Specifically, I want to learn from you:


  • What are some of the problems you are trying to solve when you customize Team Foundation?
  • How does the current documentation support your customization efforts?
  • What of the current content should we  keep?
  • What content is missing?
  • Would you like to see more examples? If so, what kinds of examples would be helpful?
  • What objects or areas of Team Foundation do you typically customize?
    • Add or remove data fields?
    • Work item forms?
    • Work item workflow?
    • Process templates?
    • Integration across Team Foundation applications, such as version control, test, and build? 


I'm in the stage of gathering requirements and welcome any and all feedback that you have that addresses this area. 


Please respond to this post with your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas. You can also send me an email.


Thanks in advance for your support.