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Hello, World!

Hello, World!

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My name is Kael Rowan. I am a Software Design Engineer at Microsoft, and this is my first blog.
  • World says hi.
  • welcome aboard!
  • man uve been blogging since blogs began. well done.

  • man uve been blogging since blogs began, well done. keep it up.

  • I like your name, Kael. Welcome to bloggers community. Enjoy writing. Goodluck!

  • hello Kael! you have an awesome name! :D

  • Hi Kael Rowan, nice to meet u

  • Hey this is like the oldest blog EVER lol.

    Well done.

  • This blog has been created to share useful information. Thanks and greetings!

  • good luck on your new blog

  • This is like the oldest blog post or one of the oldest at MSDN. It's like ancient history.

  • Thank you for sharing, my friend. Find this blog was too excited!

  • Welcome friend

  • Write often....put your quill to bits!!

  • Lol! Hello World  is pervasive!

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