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August, 2010

  • Kael Rowan

    ZoomableApplication3: When not to ApplyTransform

    By default, ZoomableCanvas works by coercing its RenderTransform to be a combination of a ScaleTransform and a TranslateTransform representing the current Scale and Offset , respectively. This is the most performant mode in WPF, and makes your UIElement...
  • Kael Rowan

    ZoomableApplication2: A Million Items

    The original sample for Chris Lovett’s VirtualCanvas showed a random set of shapes on a canvas. You could use a menu to choose whether to have 5, 500, 12500, or 50000 shapes “on the canvas”. I use quotation marks because the point of...
  • Kael Rowan

    ZoomableApplication1: Scale and Offset

    For the first entry in the series of examples using the ZoomableCanvas , I’ll start off with just the basics: Scale and Offset . I’ll start by creating a brand new app, renaming it from WpfApplication1 to ZoomableApplication1, and adding a...
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