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    This Ain't Dallas, and this ain't Dynasty...

    We are off to Dallas, Texas tonight, driving through. We will be in the area 5/19 - 5/23. If anyone in the Dallas area is up for a couple cold beers, please leave comments to this thread.
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    The Job Situation Things have started popping for me after a month of unemployment. I did a free training seminar yesterday that landed a 15-seat training course on ASP.NET. I am really excited about this bit of work. I have also gotten several promising...
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    Dates in XML Schemas: Specifying your own date format?

    This topic came up in the win_tech_off_topic list, and it caught my attention. The concept is that specifying a date in your XML document that does not conform to ISO 8601 format cannot be validated as a date type, but rather you must contrive your own...
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    Unseen yet expected web logs

    Here are some of the folks that I would like to see web logs for and have not yet seen (if they exist, someone please comment with the feed URL). I included the only known URL for them where appropriate. Aaron Skonnard Dimitre Novatchev ...
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    Not Another Teenage Blog

    First, the smurfs did it. Then "Bring It On" included the line about being "a cheeracracy." Was I the only one who saw the comedy in the cheerleader bit in "Not Another Teenage Movie"? "Cheerific!" And then life immitates art . Glad I am not the only...
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    Organize Your OPML

    I really like the ability to organize the subscriptions I have within SharpReader and RSSBandit. However, the tree view metaphor makes organization cumbersome, espeically if you come up with a reorganization scheme. I decided to group my subscriptions...
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