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    XQuery at PDC

    Here comes XQuery Ready or not, XQuery is on the way with the W3C finalizing their recommendation and many of the major vendors starting to ship implementations.  XQuery is to XML what SQL is to relational databases, a comprehensive query language...
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    Turns out Monkeys Like to Code VB, Too

    "Humans and higher primates share approximately 97% of their DNA in common. Recent research in primate programming suggests computing is a task that most higher primates can easily perform. Visual Basic 6.0 ™ was the preferred IDE for the majority of...
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    Knoxville Tennessee User Group

    I am presenting tonight to the East Tennessee .NET User Group in Knoxville, Tennessee on “Exceptions in .NET”.  I will be covering ASP.NET exception handling, exceptions and COM interop, and the Exception Management Application Block.
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