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Turns out Monkeys Like to Code VB, Too

Turns out Monkeys Like to Code VB, Too

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"Humans and higher primates share approximately 97% of their DNA in common. Recent research in primate programming suggests computing is a task that most higher primates can easily perform. Visual Basic 6.0 ™ was the preferred IDE for the majority of experiment primate subjects."

  • Exactly,

    what do we do with C# anymore? I don't even understand it so why keep such language that is burden for true .NET? Visual Basic is in the heart of whole .NET, so why change the fact?

    We can manage very well with "On Error Resume Next" type of error handling. What's Try...Catch usage anyway as this kind of great alternative exists? Try...Catch could be removed from VB as well as it just confuses developers with it's complexity and inconsistency. At the same time Microsoft could add

    on error remove next

    type of error handler to the C# and make it true OO language.

    I think the hype around C# is just created by marketing managers who are actually using VB in some dark corner when their boss isn't watching.
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