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PDC 2003 Community App

PDC 2003 Community App

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If you are at PDC, you can go to http://pdcvibe and download the PDC 2003 community app.  Sure, there are some quirks with it (it overlays the task bar at the bottom of the screen, and the navigability is less than desirable), but it is still a very cool application.

Once you download the app, you can select sessions and add them to your sessions.

PDC Community App - Session View

The reason this is cool is that you can set up your profile for the community and see who else is attending a session.

PDC Community App - My Session, and other attendees

Once you find someone you want to locate, you can click on their icon and see whatever information they chose to share, including web address , blog rss url, and MSN IM ID.

PDC Community App - My Session, and other attendees
  • Thanks, it's great seeing some screenshots for people who couldn't make it. At least the event is being blogs by what seems like EVERYONE there! Have a great time and thanks again.
  • I can get to the site fine, and it says "Download Now", but there doesn't appear to be an actual download link...
  • Now it's there. Installing now...
  • Link is to http://pdcvibe/ which (not surprisingly) doesn't work. What's the correct link?
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