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UGA vs LSU for SEC Championship

UGA vs LSU for SEC Championship

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Saturday, the Georgia Bulldogs will rematch against the LSU Tigers, but this time for the SEC Championship.  UGA was given a gift by Florida State this past weekend when FSU defeated Florida.  All that, and they beat Georgia Tech the same day (which is really all that matters to most Dawg fans!)

And I am watching the kids on Saturday.

My 3-year old son, Carson, loves UGA.  Everytime he sees the “G” logo, he is sure to give the Bulldogs kickoff chant, “Gooooo Bulldogs! Sic 'em! WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF!”  I even have my 1-year old little girl, Avery, into it too, although she doesn't join in until the “woof woof woof” part.

I am just praying that they don't want to watch “Finding Nemo.”  Again.

  • What's wrong with Finding Nemo?
  • Geaux Tigers!
  • Dag nab it! Oh well, hopefully #2 vs. #3 will mean the end of the BCS!
  • Man, LSU looked great. There is just no other way to put it: LSU was the better team out there. Great to see an SEC team vying for the National Championship!
  • georgia needs 2 get back and kill lsu this season uga #1 woof
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