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See ya, Dan

See ya, Dan

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Dan Reeves is now an ex-coach of the Atlanta Falcons.  Is it true?  Arthur Blank finally got rid of the last remnants of the Smith family?

  • Be careful what you wish for or you might wind up with Wade Phillips. Think y'all had no "O" without Mssr. Vick wait'll ol' Wade gets ahold of the reins.
  • Spoken like a fan of a team that used to have Dan Reeves as a coach. Yeah, we get a couple rebuilding years, but at least we started the process... I wonder what they are going to do with
  • Jeez - I was just goofin' on the Wade Phillips thing, I didn't realize he already got the interim gig. Man I hope he doesn't mess with Vick like he did with Elway. When healthy Vick is the most exciting QB in the league. As Dan would say, "You gahz are unbelievable."
  • might become

    The Falcons just ain't been the same since Tuggle left.
  • Cripes! Man... best falcon memory of all time: Falcons 30, Vikings 27 --- 1998 NFC CHAMPS. Good luck, Dan.
  • Nah, one of the best Falcons memories was beating the Pack at Lambeau, in the snow to boot.

    Would be great to get Solich, but something tells me that Solich isn't going to be able to pull a Spurrier and move from NCAA to NFL.
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