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Christoph on BizTalk

Christoph on BizTalk

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Christoph Schittko, one of the XML MVPs, is joining in over at with a blog about BizTalk Baby Steps.  Christoph and I have talked quite a bit over IM regarding BizTalk 2004, I really look forward to hearing what he has to say about my new favorite product in the future.
  • I know that xlang schedule 2004 needs some account to run under.
    I use a domain account that has admin right to the domain.
    Now, I have an orchestration in biztalk 2004 calling some web service.
    If I use anonymous authentication for the web service virtual directory, the orchestration works fine.

    If I use windows authentication (that should authentication the admin account I run Xlang under), the orchestration failed!!! The event logs said the error is due to the web service virtual directory permission.

    Do you know why? Logically, my set up should work, but it does not.

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