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Breathing Life into a Dry Book?

Breathing Life into a Dry Book?

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During the writing of my portions of XML And ASP.NET, I strove to avoid using the same wording or structure as any of the MSDN content available at the time. I frequently asked my wife to help me find a different angle to explaining a concept.  She is not really interested in technical content, and she grew a little tired of my asking. I briefly explained the concept of HttpBrowserCapabilities and asked her to help me describe it and some of the properties of the object.  One property I mentioned is the .AOL property, to which she giggled:

“The AOL property indicates if the user's computer has been infected with a virus, commonly spread in CD form.”

I was a little disgruntled that the editor pulled that line and replaced it with something more politically correct.  It's not like I was trying to write something as flagrantly offensive as Mr. Feuerstein's examples

Instead of injecting technical material with political discourse, maybe Mr. Bunny ought to take on Threading.

  • Well when explaining certain things I use for example-

    Defrag- "It is like a mechanic when he is working on a car (the Normal working of the operating system) how he tends to put his tools close by then if it is like the end of the day he may just put the tools back into the tool box. But the next morning you find him cleaning and putting the tools in thier correct size order so he can find them easily.
    Defragmenting your hard drive is putting the tools in order so you can find them fast. (one wrench is too small so you grab the next one in line and it fits).

    I also like to explain Scab Disk like this- Your children have toys scattered everywhere and they clean up but the dolls shoes are missing. So (Scandisk looks everywhere for the shoes) Not to mention it also finds some loose change in the couch and the shoes you were looking for. So it picks up the whole room finding everything that is misplaced.

    The AOL thery that you expain can be simplified like this in my opinion.

    If you Pay America Online a bill and you search for something on the web you will get sites from AOL listed first. But if you don't pay them a bill you will get those AOL last or not at all if they don't apply to your subject.

    KISS - Keep It Simply Stupid works for most people who do not work in the field that you do.

    The people do not want or need to know how to code a web page in your program other than this....

    Click button- Create Web page-
    What do you want to name it? Please Select a size, color and a Font selected from below.
    Then a button that says- Place image in web page- or one that Says Write Text then one that says add me some links. Then have a simple link that says where do you want me to put this page?

    Then for those advanced users you can get into things like add script or add other page codes.

    Speaking of keeping it Simple- I should also keep this short

  • How I wish Mr. Bunny would join the world of .NET. He did Java, why not C#?
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