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VS.NET AddIn Competition: More Suggestions

VS.NET AddIn Competition: More Suggestions

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Some suggestions for Roy's competition.

[via Mike Gunderloy]

Given my lack of available cycles, here are some more suggestions for anyone looking for ideas:

  • Upgrade the existing XML designer to allow visualization of XPath results.
  • Create an XInclude XML designer that allows you to visually include documents from another XML designer instance.

A little less ambitious, but much more useful:

  • Close all open documents that have not been modified.
  • Copy code as HTML would be huge!
  • Hmm, I'm working on that (silently :).
    Though it won't be add-in (but package) and I don't think I can meet May deadline.
  • Here's a quick and ugly macro to close all open documents that have not been modified. Fairly tested, though.

    Sub CloseUnmodified()
    Dim document As EnvDTE.Document
    For Each document In DTE.Documents
    If Not document.ActiveWindow Is Nothing AndAlso _
    Not document.ProjectItem.IsDirty Then
    End If
    End Try
    End Sub
  • How would you like to see the "copy as HTML" work? Wrap in <p> tags, create a fragment for insertion into an existing document/create a complete HTML page?, etc.?

    I have finished a very simple program that will let you test XPath statements and see there results (it is not an add-in yet). Let me know if you would like to see/test it.


  • Copy as HTML - Wrap the whole thing in a DIV and use CSS classes for styling instead of inline styles or font tags.
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