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Not Being Rude, But...

  • Sorry pal...I just forgot to reference you. It isnt something that I did extra or that I wanted to steal your code or something like that. I will correct the article and my blog entry. I hope that you dont mind it anymore.

    Sonu Kapoor
  • I updated my blog and the article with your reference. The blog already displays the reference but the article will take atleast 24 hours to be updated.

    Once again sorry...I hope that it doesnt look that I am stealing your code.

    Sonu Kapoor
  • BTW: Please take a look at the feedback section of the original post of your tip and you will see that I referenced you on my blog on the 5/10/2004 1:56 PM.

    Sonu Kapoor
  • Kirl,

    the article has been updated!

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