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Web Services Tracing Tools

Web Services Tracing Tools

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Simon Guest announced a new WSE 2.0 tracing tool that looks pretty slick, and supports tracing both HTTP and TCP.

Whenever I have given presentations on web services, people want to know about the tools that are available for tracing.  Here's a short list.  Anyone have links to more?  Note that these are free unless otherwise noted.

  • Eric Lawrence's Fiddler (HTTP debugging proxy)
  • Simon Guest's WseTrace (for tracing WSE 2.0 HTTP and TCP channels)
  • Mike Taulty's WSE 2.0 Trace (for tracing WSE 2.0 messages via filters)
  • Simon Fell's TcpTrace (for tracing TCP traffic on a specified port)
  • Simon Fell's proxyTrace (for tracing HTTP and SOAP specific traffic)
  • Simon Fell's YATT (Yet Another Trace Tool... trace without changing the port for the proxy, works across machines)
  • Blunck's ieHTTPHeaders (view HTTP header information in an IE explorer bar)
  • AmberPoint's Express (tracing and perf monitoring... currently available and will ship with Visual Studio 2005 as well)
  • MindReef's SOAPscope (comprehensive tool for services development, includes tracing, WS-I compliance, and WSDL checking... $99.)


  • I know it costs a buck... But, SoapScope[1] is pretty nice.

    [1] -
  • I also have YATT, which being a network sniffer based, don't require any code or config changes (but does require that your request actually leave your box).
    No list of soap tracing tools is complete without soapscope, it completely rocks and is well worth the $99
  • Actually, Mike Taulty's tool can trace both HTTP and TCP. It works by adding a filter to the WSE pipeline that sends a copy of the message to a soap.tcp listener. So the downside is that you have to insert some filter info into the wse config section of each service that you are using as well as having a listener on a port, but since the WSE pipeline is protocol-independent it will work on any protocol that you're using to send messages.
  • AmberPoint Express is also a free tool for tracing, diagnosing and testing SOAP/HTTP Web services. It does discovery of the Web services you have and works on .NET 1.1, 2.0, WebSphere 5.0.2 and Tomcat.
  • One more thing, MSFT is distributing AmberPoint Express with Visual Studio 2005. It just shipped with beta 1, will be included with beta 2, and then with the GA version of VS2005 next year.

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  • As I demo various web service technologies to customers, inevitably someone is really interested in the...
  • As I demo various web service technologies to customers, inevitably someone is really interested in the

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